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"Data Entry Customer Service Reps"

PhoneOps Management Inc is only looking for SERIOUS INDIVIDUALS that want to really work and meet ALL DAILY REQUIREMENTS that is listed below. Please read the "Requirements" carefully before applying.


We have a "True Data Entry Customer Service Opportunity" that you can do without any requirements of leaving your home. Step-By-Step instructions will be provided. 


This is a Real Job. Only Continue Reading If You Are Serious and Really Want To Work!!!


Duties: Your duties would be to contact Home Owners and Condo Owners to see if they want to refinance for a lower interest rate, refinance and get cash out for Home Repair or if they want to do a Reverse Mortgage. Other duties would be to do "Follow Up Calls" every day, send and receive e-mails, update the "Google Docs" that will be assigned to you daily and assist our Processing Dept if needed. A full Training Site will be provided with all the materials and leads to do this position.


Requirements: Read the following requirements for this position:

* Must have a dedicated computer with internet access
* Must have a valid e-mail address
* Must be able to check your e-mails throughout the day
* Must have a dedicated phone line to accept and make calls everyday

* Must do "Follow-Up Calls" everyday throughout the day
* Must agree to the monthly enrollment fee of only $10 a month 
* Must be able to work a minimum of 3 hours per day
Must be able to make a minimum of 100 calls per day
* Must be able to follow our Step-by-Step instructions


PayScale: You are paid 3 ways. Potential Earnings is $5,000+ per month. View the "Commission Scenario" below:

1. For each client that paid to get Pre-Approved regardless if they get Pre-Approved or not, you are paid $5 for each paid Pre-Approval. 

2. You are paid $250 for each client that closes.

3. For each person that you hire as a Data Entry Customer Service Rep (DECSR), you are paid $4 for each hire and $4 every month they stay employed with PhoneOps. 


Commission Scenario: This Scenario is an example of average earnings in one given month. Say you meet your minimum quota of 100 calls per day, everyday (at least 5 days a week) for any given month. That's a total of 500 calls in a week, 2,000 calls in a month. 

Out of 2,000 calls you've made, doing "Follow-Up Calls", encouraging your potential clients to refinance or get a reverse mortgage, only 50 got pre-approved and closed. (very low-end scenario) You are paid $12,500 for that month.

Remember, this is all based on your own performance. The more calls you make, the more money you can earn. There are thousands of Homeowners just waiting for your call so when your leads run out, you are required to request for more as we do not want to overwhelm you with leads. 

So set a goal for yourself to determine how much you really want to make per month then all you have to do is reach that goal.




Ready to get started?


DECSR - Application


Name: *
Contact number: *
E-mail address: *


You are applying to be a DECSR. You are paid $5 for each paid Pre-Approval, $250 for each client that closes, $4 for each hire and $4 every month your hires stay employed with PhoneOps. Do you understand? *


You will be charged $10 today and $10 every month for your monthly enrollment fee. Do you understand? *


Credit Card Type: *


Credit Card Numbers: *
Expiration date: *
CVC code on back of card: *


Billing Address including City, State & Zip: *


Enter the name of the person that sent you to this website: *


As we receive many applications, explain why you would be the better candidate for this Exciting Career. *




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