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Data Entry Representatives!


PhoneOps Management Inc. has a great Opportunity that is suitable for anyone that is serious in working from their own home, in the field and/or office making residual income.



If you are serious in working from home and starting a promising career, please continue reading!!!


We have a "True Data Entry Opportunity" that you can do without any special skills needed. Step-By-Step instructions will be provided and since you'll be working as an Independent Contractor, you are not by yourself. You can work Full-Time or Part-Time, any day and everyday of the week and anytime of the day. We'll guide you every step of the way and provide you with all the paperwork & materials needed to be successful.


Duties: Your duties would be to simply Click, Copy & Paste our small message into websites that we provide. We'll even provide you with materials to work offline. It's just that simple. A "Daily Guide" will be provided for you to follow everyday you work. 


Customized Website: You'll receive your own "Customized Website" so interested candidates can register directly on your website. This is a powerful tool to have as you'll know everyone that registered, you'll have their contact information to follow-up with them and you'll be able to keep track of everyone that registered under you. There will be a small monthly fee of $10 for the Customized Website with Customized Application.


PayScale: You are paid residual income. View the "Commission Scenario" below:

You are paid 2 ways:

1. Tier 1: You are paid $4 for each person that registers directly from your website. 

2. Tier 2: For all those that signed up under you, they will follow our simple step-by-step instructions just like you did and you'll get paid $2 for each of their people that registered. 


Commission Scenario: Say you got 25 people registered and they all are working following our Step-by-Step instructions and they got their first 25 people registered. You will make $1,350 per month. 25 people is not hard to get at all, you just got to work. This would be considered Part-Time work.

Now say you raise the bar a little, You got 50 people registered and they all are working following our Step-by-Step instructions and they got their first 50 people registered. You will make $5,200 per month, EVERY MONTH! Now getting 50 people requires extra work & dedication and if you want to reach this goal of making $5,200 a month, every month, it'll be up to you to get to this goal. 


We'll keep it REAL, Sign-Ups will not just fall in your lap, YOU HAVE TO WORK! 


FAQ: "Click Here" to view our FAQ page to better understand our Data Entry Representative Opportunity. If your question is not answered here, feel free to e-mail us your questions at: PhoneOps@PhoneOpsManagement.com



Ready to get started?






Tier !

$4 for each of your Registrations

Tier 2

$2 for each of your Sign-Up's Registrations

Minimum Requirement

Must be serious and willing to work at least 4 hours a day.

Customized Website Fee:


$10 a month





Name: *
Contact number: *
E-mail address: *


You are registering to be a Data Entry Representative. You are paid $4 for each person that registers under you and $2 for each of your Sign-Ups registrations. Do you understand? *


Name for your Customized Website: *


You will be charged $10 today and $10 every month for your Customized website. Do you understand?


E-mail you want to use to receive the completed applications: *


Credit Card Type: *


Credit Card Numbers: *
Expiration date: *
CVC code on back of card: *


Billing Address: *
City: *
State: *
Zip: *


The charge will say PhoneOps Management Inc. on your Credit Card Statement. Do you understand? *


By typing in your full name, you authorize this transaction *


Did you view our FAQ page? *


How did you hear about this great opportunity? *


Add any additional comments here:




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